*10,000 New Drivers Banned. “Hastings Driving lessons comments.”*

Lenny is Shocked
10,000 New Drivers Banned

“Ten Thousand New drivers a year pass their “L”Driving Test only to be banned within months” according to the DVLA (was the DSA).

Of these more than half are caught without insurance which means a fine and 6 penalty points. This is a problem that I have fought with the last 3 CEOs of the DSA  since its creation with no success despite backing from  Greg Barker my MP for Bexhill and Battle and Neil Drane Head of the MID. We have asked for the learners to be required to show their insurance certificate for the car used for the test but the Heads of the DSA, as was then, said NO as it was to difficult for their examiners to read and understand despite the fact that the ADIs who teach them need legally to understand it.Plus all the mums and dads who help out with practice. The DSA said it was too difficult for their employees.

The points trigger a ban for those with licences who are driving under the 2 year probationary rules….6 and your licence is revoked. Experienced drivers, those holding a licence for 2 years or more,usually  have to collect 12 or more before facing a ban.

The figures are from a FoI request by Auto Express.

The AA  have been quoted as blasting it as a “hard-core of uninsured drivers”.

The Top 10 Reasons for new drivers being banned are:

1. No Insurance

2. Speeding

3. Identity scams

4. Vehicle control – including use of mobile phone whilst driving.

5. Driving without due care and attention.

6. Motorway speeding.

7. Jumping Red Lights.

8. Dangerous/ Illegal tyres.

9. Other insurance offences.

10. Failing to stop.



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