How is this Funny?

2014-09-16 15.16.00-1I was in the car the other day on a lesson on the way from #Bexhill to #Hastings and we came up behind another car with this in the back window. I had a lovely young lady driving and I have to admit we did a double take as they say.

Neither of us saw this as a funny item to display and the consensus of opinion was that it was rude. Not exactly up to the standards of a Mori poll I would accept but there was only us two in the car at the time so my sample audience was restricted a little.

So I am asking you guys, Do you see this as funny? and if so what is the joke? Is the fact that the hand is black/brown a factor as the driver and passenger looked to me to be both white and I have to admit I have never had a black pupil who was that rude. come to think of it I have never met a black driver that gave me this gesture either. No matter what the pupil may have done.

How is it we have gone so far down the road of “acceptable behaviour” that this is now seen as funny. What does it say to any kids in a following car as to how to behave in public.

I am not a prude but this just seems a step to far to me and bothers me how much further we are going to slip down this particular pole, or is the gutter the limit?

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