New Hastings Driving Test Centre – Open Day

New Hastings Driving Test Centre – Open Day

The new Hastings Driving Test Centre at DVSA Ivyhouse Lane.Ore. Hastings. East Sussex. TN35 4NN has an open Day on Tuesday 10th February 2015 from 10.0Am till 2.00pm.

You will get a chance to meet and chat with the examiners. They are human you know and not one of them, contrary to public opinion, eats live babies for breakfast. They are just regular people like you and I and doing a job. I have to admit that I would not like to be in their seat on a test.

Never mind the stories you here, I have seen my own pupils who have put hours of sweat and tears into their lessons make the silliest mistakes on the test. I even had, many, many years ago a young lad whose dad and uncle, both class 1 London Metropolitan Police drivers who are among the best trained drivers in the world, and  both took him out for extra “private practice”. On the day of his test, he drove over a high kerb in an old style mini with the small wheels on a left turn just 3 corners from the car park at the finish. There were arms and legs all over the place inside the car as they bounced over the pavement and back on the road. He ended the test laughing his head off at such a silly mistake and passed when he re-took it a few weeks later.

One young lady was doping so well the examiner told me he had put his pen and pad down as she was giving a perfect, smooth drive and then when going around a slight bend around a quiet back road, for no reason whatsoever, failed to straighten up the wheel and went straight across and hit the kerb on the other side of the road. He apologized to me as the front wheel had buckled and he felt guilty as there was no chance of saving it. The lady was so perfect and smooth till that point it took him totally by surprise.

One lady, totally out of the blue stopped her driving test in the middle of driving through Epping Forest and said she had, had enough and did not want to go on. No matter what the examiner said she would not continue, a real shame as up to that point it was going well and no errors had been committed. Luckily the examiner had her phone with her and rang me, I had to get a taxi out to the car and the examiner used it to get back to the test centre.

So you see, as nervous as you may be, at least you know that as long as you have put in the good quality hard practice you have a good chance of passing (nerves and a little luck permitting) the poor examiner has no idea what to expect and their life is in your hands. 🙂




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2 thoughts on “New Hastings Driving Test Centre – Open Day”

  1. There is a chance I may lose my job offer with my local taxi office I have a taxi test next Tuesday 17 th at 11-11am any chance of any earlier dates pleaese
    Thank you
    Peter Phillips

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but this is not the test booking office, it is a driving school website.. You may like to try and see if they can help you.

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